Regardless of the Dark (LP)
Release Date: 22/07/2016
Catalogue No.: LP-EVE-049
Record Label: Everloving Records
Format: 12" Vinyl

LP w/ DL -He’s sat behind the drum kit for everyone from Eddie Vedder, Joey Santiago, Ziggy Marley and Jack Johnson to legends like Jimmy Cliff and David Gilmour. He has explored Afro-Cuban rhythms and percussion via Ritmo Y Canto, dabbled in dubby electronic reggae with Culver City Dub Collective and to the far edges of soul-jazz with “Blue Painted Walls In Faraway Places”. He has never made the same record twice. So is it a surprise that Regardless of the Dark is At least a little bit, because it nearly didn’t happen. Playing alongside so many great musicians had made coming up with his own material all the more “Reno”. It took nearly three years to record the album - on the road on a laptop, in random studios on off days, and at home in Topol’s garage in Venice, CA. Focusing less on rhythmic based songs as in previous projects, Regardless of the Dark aims at narratives and lyrical storytelling about life in the northern Nevada and California mountains. Traveling the world with great songwriters and artists also helped plant the seeds for this batch of songs to come to life.

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