Pa'ki pa'ka
Release Date: 15/04/2016
Catalogue No.: CD-ATR5416
Record Label: Asphalt Tango
Format: CD

Guitarist Robert 'Robi' Sv%uFFFDrd unleashed something during the recording of his debut album, "Pa%uFFFDki Pa%uFFFDka". His music has already caused many of flamenco%uFFFDs most prominent musicians to gasp for breath. It has something to do with his fingers, which dance like light as feathers on the strings, making the harmonics glitter like sequins. But it doesn%uFFFDt stop there. Even if his skill is impossible to miss, it is never boastful, it doesn%uFFFDt beg for admiration; no, it is just there, making space for love %uFFFD the love of music. Sometimes it coincides with the love of life, but it can also be that which makes life bearable and beautiful. Such is flamenco and, even in a chilly country like Sweden, the glowing heart of a musician can set the music on fire

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