The Narrows
Release Date: 18/03/2016
Catalogue No.: CD-YEP-2468
Record Label: Yep Roc Records
Format: CD

The concentrated nexus of romance, recollection, historic struggles and tragedies,and peerless craftsmanship , coupled with the hopes, fears, and isolation that accompany transition , formed the backdrop of The Narrows, Phillips' latest dispatch on Yep Roc Records. Bathed in a woody, warmly reverberating sonic signature, the album's thirteen songs are marked by longing and a resolute sense of purpose: As though hurling yourself full-force into the unknown is as sensible as any other more commonly prescribed course. After all, what feels unknown may be residing just below the surface , should you be willing to dig for it and be open to discovery."This set of songs, Phillips observes, "seem to pivot between the personal and historical , like a lens, focusing in and out. The Creek and the Cherokee, of which I'm descendent, called this land home before the removal. I'm captivated by the stories and the energy here." The Narrows balances that history with Phillips' own severance from his birthplace, his continued journey into marriage and fatherhood, and the passing of his own father. 'Moccasin Creek,' delivered by the band with a daring sense of space and a vivid, clear-eyed vocal from Phillips, mines those emotional and geographical intersections. "I envisioned myself one day venturing into the Arkansas land where my father's side of the family sprang forth,Phillips explains. "There's a part of the river down by the old family home known as the Narrows, the unfriendly part where you fight against the current and try to not to be pulled under. I saw in this a metaphor..."

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