World Music
Release Date: 18/03/2016
Catalogue No.: JT2016
Record Label: Independent
Format: CD

"For my whole musical career, the oud has been my voice and I’ve been very much dedicated to its exploration through composition and collaboration. This album is totally different to anything I’ve ever done before. As well as performing on the oud, I’m playing a range of the many other wonderful instruments. Music is a part of my being - I live and breathe it - so this record is my attempt to transfer that energy and life into these other instruments. Having immersed myself in a range of genres, I drew upon my previous collaborations, practicing, adapting, improvising, and letting my technical limitations on each instrument guide the course of the compositions. This is a very organic way of music making, letting the spirit of each instrument flow through me without striving for virtuosity. Each piece is a soundtrack to a time and place, where ancient and modern worlds create a musical tapestry. A journey across many lands with all its joys and sadness, loves and losses, hope and despair. A departure and a desire to return. Constrained by borders, the dream of home is always right in front of us and we reach for it no matter where we roam." - Joseph Tawadros

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